How to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10

USB Debugging Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10

what is USB Debugging Mode and how it can be used?

In this article, we learn How to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10. If we are using an Android phone and we’ve searched forums for solutions to problems, we’ve probably heard the term “USB Debugging” every once in a while. you can see it when looking through your phone’s settings. It sounds like a high-tech option, but it really quite simple and useful.

If we Enable the USB Debugging Option then it can allow an Android device to communicate with a PC running the Android SDK to use advanced operations.

By following these steps you can debug your Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1 First Go to Home screen, navigate: Apps icon  > Settings>About Device

Step 2 Go to the System section, tap Developer options.
Note If Developer Options are unavailable navigate: Apps icon > Settings > About device then tap Build number 7 times.

Step 3 Ensure the Developer options switch (located in the upper-right) is turned on

Step 4  Tap USB debugging to enable or disable. Enabled when a check mark is present.

Step 5 If presented with “Allow USB debugging?” screen, tap OK

friends in this Article we have learned how to Enable USB Debugging Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10. I think that this article will help you to enable USB Debugging mode on your Samsung s10 mobile phone. thanks for reading this Article.


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